Alberta Vaughn
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1906
Birth Place:
Ashland, AL

Worked With

Year Name Title
1935 Tom Tyler The Laramie Kid
1935 Murdock MacQuarrie The Laramie Kid
1935 Richard Talmadge Live Wire
1934 Tex Palmer Randy Rides Alone
1934 George "Gabby" Hayes Randy Rides Alone
1934 Art Ortego Randy Rides Alone
1934 John Wayne Randy Rides Alone
1934 Yakima Canutt Randy Rides Alone
1933 Helen Chandler Alimony Madness
1933 Leon Ames Alimony Madness
1933 Edward Earle Alimony Madness
1933 Helen Chandler Dance Hall Hostess
1933 Cyril Ring Emergency Call
1933 Jane Darwell Emergency Call
1933 George E. Stone Emergency Call
1933 Betty Furness Emergency Call
1933 Paul Fix Emergency Call
1933 Wynne Gibson Emergency Call
1933 William Gargan Emergency Call
1932 Paul Fix Dancers in the Dark
1932 Claire Dodd Dancers in the Dark
1932 Al Hill Dancers in the Dark
1932 Mary Gordon Dancers in the Dark
1932 Miriam Hopkins Dancers in the Dark
1932 Jack Oakie Dancers in the Dark
1932 William Halligan Dancers in the Dark
1932 Kent Taylor Dancers in the Dark
1932 George Raft Dancers in the Dark
1932 Eugene Pallette Dancers in the Dark
1932 Murdock MacQuarrie Daring Danger
1932 Edward J. Le Saint Daring Danger
1932 Tim McCoy Daring Danger
1932 Vernon Dent Daring Danger
1932 Harrison Ford Love in High Gear
1932 Beryl Mercer Midnight Morals
1931 Edward Peil Sr. Wild Horse
1931 Stepin Fetchit Wild Horse
1931 Hoot Gibson Wild Horse
1931 Glenn Strange Wild Horse
1931 Frances Dee Working Girls
1931 Paul Lukas Working Girls
1931 Charles "Buddy" Rogers Working Girls
1931 Dorothy Stickney Working Girls
1931 Claire Dodd Working Girls
1931 Stuart Erwin Working Girls
1929 Joe E. Brown Molly and Me
1929 Theodore Roberts Noisy Neighbors
1929 Billy Gilbert Noisy Neighbors
1929 Eddie Quillan Noisy Neighbors
1929 Bob Perry Noisy Neighbors
1929 Hoot Gibson Points West
1929 Dolores Costello Show of Shows
1929 Mary Astor Show of Shows
1929 Richard Barthelmess Show of Shows
1929 Viola Dana Show of Shows
1929 John Barrymore Show of Shows
1929 Noah Beery, Sr. Show of Shows
1929 Lila Lee Show of Shows
1929 Myrna Loy Show of Shows
1929 Louise Fazenda Show of Shows
1929 Monte Blue Show of Shows
1929 Hobart Bosworth Show of Shows
1929 Hans Conried Show of Shows
1929 Alice White Show of Shows
1929 Lois Wilson Show of Shows
1929 Loretta Young Show of Shows
1929 H.B. Warner Show of Shows
1929 Ann Sothern Show of Shows
1929 Ben Turpin Show of Shows
1929 Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Show of Shows
1929 Chester Morris Show of Shows
1929 Tully Marshall Show of Shows
1929 Shirley Mason Show of Shows
1929 Frank Morgan Show of Shows
1929 Jack Buchanan Show of Shows
1929 Sally O'Neil Show of Shows
1929 Patsy Ruth Miller Show of Shows
1928 Ramon Novarro Forbidden Hours
1928 Wesley Barry Skyscraper
1928 Alan Hale Skyscraper
1927 Hedda Hopper The Dropkick
1927 John Wayne The Dropkick
1927 Dorothy Revier The Dropkick
1927 Richard Barthelmess The Dropkick
1923 Lupino Lane A Friendly Husband
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