Alan Webb
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1906
Birth Place:

Worked With

Year Name Title
1982 Trevor Howard The Deadly Game
1982 David Hemmings The Deadly Game
1982 Robert Morley The Deadly Game
1982 George Segal The Deadly Game
1982 Helmut Berger The Deadly Game
1982 Emlyn Williams The Deadly Game
1982 Mel Ferrer The Deadly Game
1982 Anthony Hopkins The Hunchback of Notre Dame
1982 David Suchet The Hunchback of Notre Dame
1982 Robert Powell The Hunchback of Notre Dame
1982 Lesley-Anne Down The Hunchback of Notre Dame
1982 Roland Culver The Hunchback of Notre Dame
1982 John Gielgud The Hunchback of Notre Dame
1982 Derek Jacobi The Hunchback of Notre Dame
1982 Nigel Hawthorne The Hunchback of Notre Dame
1980 Lesley-Anne Down Rough Cut
1980 Roland Culver Rough Cut
1980 Joss Ackland Rough Cut
1980 Patrick Magee Rough Cut
1980 Burt Reynolds Rough Cut
1980 Douglas Wilmer Rough Cut
1980 David Niven Rough Cut
1979 Andre Morell The Great Train Robbery
1979 Donald Sutherland The Great Train Robbery
1979 Lesley-Anne Down The Great Train Robbery
1979 Brooke Adams The Great Train Robbery
1979 Sean Connery The Great Train Robbery
1977 Edward Fox The Duellists
1977 Harvey Keitel The Duellists
1977 Tom Conti The Duellists
1977 Robert Stephens The Duellists
1977 Keith Carradine The Duellists
1977 Albert Finney The Duellists
1971 Hugh Griffith The Canterbury Tales
1971 Pier Paolo Pasolini The Canterbury Tales
1971 Irene Worth King Lear
1971 Patrick Magee King Lear
1971 Cyril Cusack King Lear
1971 Paul Scofield King Lear
1971 Laurence Olivier Nicholas and Alexandra
1971 Eric Porter Nicholas and Alexandra
1971 Michael Redgrave Nicholas and Alexandra
1971 John Wood Nicholas and Alexandra
1971 Irene Worth Nicholas and Alexandra
1971 Ralph Truman Nicholas and Alexandra
1971 Brian Cox Nicholas and Alexandra
1971 Harry Andrews Nicholas and Alexandra
1971 Alexander Knox Nicholas and Alexandra
1971 Maurice Denham Nicholas and Alexandra
1971 Steven Berkoff Nicholas and Alexandra
1971 Curd Jürgens Nicholas and Alexandra
1971 Ian Holm Nicholas and Alexandra
1971 Jack Hawkins Nicholas and Alexandra
1971 Julian Glover Nicholas and Alexandra
1971 Roy Dotrice Nicholas and Alexandra
1970 Beryl Reid Entertaining Mr. Sloane
1970 Harry Andrews Entertaining Mr. Sloane
1970 Tom Tryon The Horsemen
1970 Eric Pohlmann The Horsemen
1970 Jack Palance The Horsemen
1970 Omar Sharif The Horsemen
1969 Glenda Jackson Women in Love
1969 Oliver Reed Women in Love
1969 Michael Gough Women in Love
1969 Alan Bates Women in Love
1969 Eleanor Bron Women in Love
1968 John Cleese Interlude
1968 Derek Jacobi Interlude
1968 Donald Sutherland Interlude
1968 Oskar Werner Interlude
1967 Victor Spinetti The Taming of the Shrew
1967 Michael York The Taming of the Shrew
1967 Elizabeth Taylor The Taming of the Shrew
1967 Michael Hordern The Taming of the Shrew
1967 Cyril Cusack The Taming of the Shrew
1967 Richard Burton The Taming of the Shrew
1966 John Gielgud Chimes at Midnight
1966 Marina Vlady Chimes at Midnight
1966 Jeanne Moreau Chimes at Midnight
1966 Orson Welles Chimes at Midnight
1966 Ingrid Pitt Chimes at Midnight
1966 Margaret Rutherford Chimes at Midnight
1966 Ralph Richardson Chimes at Midnight
1966 Fernando Rey Chimes at Midnight
1965 John Mills King Rat
1965 James Fox King Rat
1965 Patrick O'Neal King Rat
1965 George Segal King Rat
1965 Leonard Rossiter King Rat
1965 Edward Ashley King Rat
1965 William Fawcett King Rat
1965 Arthur Malet King Rat
1965 Tom Courtenay King Rat
1965 Denholm Elliott King Rat
1965 James Donald King Rat
1964 Cedric Hardwicke The Pumpkin Eater
1964 Eric Porter The Pumpkin Eater
1964 Peter Finch The Pumpkin Eater
1964 Anne Bancroft The Pumpkin Eater
1964 Anthony Nicholls The Pumpkin Eater
1964 Maggie Smith The Pumpkin Eater
1964 James Mason The Pumpkin Eater
1964 Charles Lloyd Pack The Third Secret
1964 Margaret Leighton The Third Secret
1964 Jack Hawkins The Third Secret
1964 Freda Jackson The Third Secret
1964 Nigel Davenport The Third Secret
1964 Richard Attenborough The Third Secret
1964 Paul Rogers The Third Secret
1964 Stephen Boyd The Third Secret
1964 Judi Dench The Third Secret
1964 Diane Cilento The Third Secret
1959 Eddie Byrne The Scapegoat
1959 Pamela Brown The Scapegoat
1959 Peter Bull The Scapegoat
1959 Irene Worth The Scapegoat
1959 Nicole Maurey The Scapegoat
1959 Alec Guinness The Scapegoat
1959 Bette Davis The Scapegoat
1959 Geoffrey Keen The Scapegoat
1958 Dawn Addams The Silent Enemy
1958 Gianna Maria Canale The Silent Enemy
1958 Alec McCowen The Silent Enemy
1958 Michael Craig The Silent Enemy
1958 Nigel Stock The Silent Enemy
1958 Laurence Harvey The Silent Enemy
1958 Massimo Serato The Silent Enemy
1958 Brian Oulton The Silent Enemy
1957 Rossano Brazzi Interlude
1957 Jane Wyatt Interlude
1957 Françoise Rosay Interlude
1957 John Cleese Interlude
1957 June Allyson Interlude
1957 Derek Jacobi Interlude
1957 Oskar Werner Interlude
1957 Keith Andes Interlude
1954 Adrienne Corri Lease of Life
1954 Robert Donat Lease of Life
1954 Denholm Elliott Lease of Life
1954 Reginald Beckwith Lease of Life
1954 Richard Wattis Lease of Life
1954 John Salew Lease of Life
1954 Russell Waters Lease of Life
1954 Martin Benson West of Zanzibar
1949 Reginald Owen Challenge to Lassie
1949 Henry Stephenson Challenge to Lassie
1949 Donald Crisp Challenge to Lassie
1949 Alan Napier Challenge to Lassie
1949 Lassie the Dog Challenge to Lassie
1949 Geraldine Brooks Challenge to Lassie
1949 Arthur Shields Challenge to Lassie
1949 Edmund Gwenn Challenge to Lassie
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