Alan Roscoe
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1888
Birth Place:
Nashville, TN

Worked With

Year Name Title
1933 Roscoe Ates The Cheyenne Kid
1933 Rochelle Hudson Lucky Devils
1933 William Gargan Lucky Devils
1933 Dorothy Wilson Lucky Devils
1933 Edwin Stanley Lucky Devils
1933 Ward Bond Lucky Devils
1933 Roscoe Ates Lucky Devils
1933 Betty Furness Lucky Devils
1933 Bruce Cabot Lucky Devils
1932 Merrill McCormack The Boiling Point
1932 Lew Meehan The Boiling Point
1932 Art Mix The Boiling Point
1932 Hoot Gibson The Boiling Point
1932 George "Gabby" Hayes The Boiling Point
1932 Hattie McDaniel The Boiling Point
1932 Bela Lugosi The Death Kiss
1932 King Baggot The Death Kiss
1932 Al Hill The Death Kiss
1932 David Manners The Death Kiss
1932 Edward Van Sloan The Death Kiss
1932 Cliff Lyons Dynamite Ranch
1932 Ken Maynard Dynamite Ranch
1932 Conrad Nagel Hell Divers
1932 Cliff Edwards Hell Divers
1932 Wallace Beery Hell Divers
1932 Clark Gable Hell Divers
1932 Frank Conroy Hell Divers
1932 Robert Young Hell Divers
1932 Virginia Bruce Hell Divers
1932 Reed Howes Hell Divers
1932 Marie Prevost Hell Divers
1932 John Kelly Hell Divers
1932 Nat Pendleton Hell Fire Austin
1932 Ken Maynard Hell Fire Austin
1932 Lew Meehan Hell Fire Austin
1932 Jack Rockwell Hell Fire Austin
1932 Buck Jones Hello Trouble
1932 Ward Bond Hello Trouble
1932 King Baggot Hello Trouble
1932 Ruth Warren Hello Trouble
1932 Ken Murray Ladies of the Jury
1932 Roscoe Ates Ladies of the Jury
1932 Edna May Oliver Ladies of the Jury
1932 Leyland Hodgson Ladies of the Jury
1932 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams Ladies of the Jury
1932 Edward J. Le Saint The Last Man
1932 George Magrill The Last Man
1932 Constance Cummings The Last Man
1932 Hal Price The Last Man
1932 Charles Bickford The Last Man
1932 Jack Richardson The Last Man
1932 Kit Guard The Last Man
1932 Walter Walker The Last Mile
1932 Paul Fix The Last Mile
1932 Edward Van Sloan The Last Mile
1932 George E. Stone The Last Mile
1932 Kenneth MacDonald The Last Mile
1932 Preston S. Foster The Last Mile
1932 Al Hill The Last Mile
1932 Eugene Pallette Strangers of the Evening
1932 Lucien Littlefield Strangers of the Evening
1932 Hal Price Strangers of the Evening
1932 Tully Marshall Strangers of the Evening
1932 ZaSu Pitts Strangers of the Evening
1932 Regis Toomey Wayne Murder Case
1932 Fred "Snowflake" Toones Wayne Murder Case
1932 Harry Myers Wayne Murder Case
1932 Dwight Frye Wayne Murder Case
1931 Jack Holt Dirigible
1931 Roscoe Karns Dirigible
1931 Clarence Muse Dirigible
1931 Fay Wray Dirigible
1931 Ralph Graves Dirigible
1931 Hobart Bosworth Dirigible
1931 Phillips Smalley High Stakes
1931 Mae Murray High Stakes
1931 Leyland Hodgson High Stakes
1931 Lowell Sherman High Stakes
1931 Phillips Smalley The Public Defender
1931 Boris Karloff The Public Defender
1931 William Halligan The Public Defender
1931 Purnell Pratt The Public Defender
1931 Richard Dix The Public Defender
1931 Lowell Sherman The Royal Bed
1931 Mary Astor The Royal Bed
1931 J. Carrol Naish The Royal Bed
1931 Robert Warwick The Royal Bed
1931 Mary Astor The Sin Ship
1931 Russell Powell The Sin Ship
1931 Louis Wolheim The Sin Ship
1931 Hugh Herbert The Sin Ship
1931 Mary Gordon Subway Express
1931 Harry Semels Subway Express
1931 John Kelly Subway Express
1931 Jack Holt Subway Express
1930 Matt Moore Call of the West
1930 Dorothy Revier Call of the West
1930 Jean Arthur Danger Lights
1930 Robert Armstrong Danger Lights
1930 Hugh Herbert Danger Lights
1930 Louis Wolheim Danger Lights
1930 Jack Mulhall The Fall Guy
1930 Wynne Gibson The Fall Guy
1930 Ned Sparks The Fall Guy
1930 Mae Clarke The Fall Guy
1930 Pat O'Malley The Fall Guy
1930 Robert Woolsey Half-Shot at Sunrise
1930 Bert Wheeler Half-Shot at Sunrise
1930 Edna May Oliver Half-Shot at Sunrise
1930 Dorothy Lee Half-Shot at Sunrise
1930 Lowell Sherman The Pay Off
1930 Bert Moorhouse The Pay Off
1930 Clarence Muse Rain or Shine
1930 Louise Fazenda Rain or Shine
1929 Ralph Graves Flight
1929 Lila Lee Flight
1929 Jack Holt Flight
1929 Leila Hyams Hurricane
1929 Johnny Mack Brown Hurricane
1929 Hobart Bosworth Hurricane
1929 Noah Beery, Sr. Love in the Desert
1929 Lucien Littlefield Seven Keys to Baldpate
1929 Richard Dix Seven Keys to Baldpate
1929 Rudy Vallee The Vagabond Lover
1929 Marie Dressler The Vagabond Lover
1929 Charles Sellon The Vagabond Lover
1928 Florence Turner Marry the Girl
1928 Reed Howes Sawdust Paradise
1928 Hobart Bosworth Sawdust Paradise
1928 Esther Ralston Sawdust Paradise
1928 Ralph Graves Sideshow
1928 Marie Prevost Sideshow
1926 Tay Garnett The Strong Man
1926 Harry Langdon The Strong Man
1925 Florence Vidor The Mirage
1925 Clive Brook The Mirage
1924 Mervyn LeRoy Chorus Lady
1924 Colleen Moore Flirting with Love
1923 Ford Sterling The Spoilers
1923 Anna Q. Nilsson The Spoilers
1923 Milton Sills The Spoilers
1923 Noah Beery, Sr. The Spoilers
1923 Louise Fazenda The Spoilers
1920 Pauline Frederick Madame X
1920 Willard Louis Madame X
1919 Lon Chaney A Man's Country
1918 Esther Ralston Doctor and the Woman
1918 Mae Murray Her Body in Bond
1918 Theda Bara When a Woman Sins
1918 Josef Swickard When a Woman Sins
1917 Theda Bara Cleopatra
1917 Thurston Hall Cleopatra
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