I can never understand it when someone says, "It was good, but it was too long." How can something good be TOO much? That's just silly talk. And is life always GO-GO-GO? No. Life sometimes has slow parts.

So too, do movies and stories. They have to take the time they need to get the point across, and they need speed or slowness to also tell the story.

Maybe what people SHOULD say is that their own meager attention spans couldn't cope with a story that was as large as the Watchmen's was.

I won't go into what the movie was about or any more details, but just to point out that if you don't like SCIFI - you shouldn't go to and/or rate SCIFI movies. AND - if you're not a movie fan, if you can't immerse yourself in a movie, if you're ALWAYS on the outside watching a movie instead of living the movie on the inside of your imagination, then you have no business going to see a spectacular movie like the Watchmen.