Saw Watchmen the other day. Very impressive. One of our neighbors has the book, so I had a chance to brush up on it. I'm glad I did. The movie is one of the most faithful adaptations I've ever seen. Every major scene from the book is in there. So is most of the dialogue. I'd say 70-80% of the dialogue from the movie is straight from the book. Alan Moore could've rated a screenplay credit if he'd wanted it. And of course, it's visually stunning. Trust me, if there's a scene you'll be really disappointed not to see, it's probably in there.

There are some changes to the ending. In my opinion, they worked better than the original. All of the disturbing and psychotic aspects of the book made it to the screen. The violence in the movie is really savage. I sure as hell wouldn't take anyone under 17 to see it. Or my mother, for that matter.

So, that's my opinion. If you can see it on IMAX, all the better. Definitely a big screen experience.