Very seldom especially nowadays do you run into a movie that's pretty much 3 hours long and you still wish it wouldn't go off. You could hear a resounding "aww" in the theatre when The Dark Knight went off. That's a testament to how good this movie was. Or on the other hand, how ridiculously good ,Heath Ledger(The Joker) was at being bad. Insanely brilliant. The role of the Joker was executed to the point I didn't even care if The Bat stayed home to chat it up with Alfred about whether or not Mr. Wayne would 'fancy' a cocktail or not. The movie opened up that particular night with a standing ovation and then a immediate round of applause. You couldnt help but clap and feel this giddiness come over you like a twelve year old when the opening aerial shot of Gotham(Chicago) burst onto the Imax screen. The movie delivers even though possesing no real premise besides the fundamental rivalry between Batman and Joker. This movie is a must go. P.S doesn't batman voice sound like eastwood! Lol