The Metropolitan Opera continues to do a great service to opera lovers by presenting simulcasts of operas. Going to a simulcast is a terrific way to see an opera one has never seen before. This was the case for me with Thais. For only $20 I got to see an opera which is seldom performed and which I have never even heard, let alone see. Now I understand why. It is a boring opera with a banal premise and uninspired music. It has two memorable melodies, one of which is for a solo violin, not a singer!

The Met production was not up to the standards of its other new productions. But the intermission reatures continue to be very well done, interesting and informative.

The Met also needs to improve its camera angles and camera work in general. There are far too many close-ups and not enough wide shots that enable the viewer to see what is going on across the entire stage.

The Riverview Theater in Philadelphia where I saw it finally got the sound level right and the temperature, too.