There are three stories. 1) Kidman's story of a widow trying to take over her late husband's ranch in Australia during WWII while crooks try to steal it from her. 2) Jackman showing us how to survive in the harsh outback while falling in love with Kidman and being a father figure to the aboriginal kid she becomes attached to. 3) The aboriginal kid trying to avoid being forced into a school run by the Catholic church for the purpose of civilizing the aborigines. The three stories provide lots of opportunity for great cinematography, drama, romance, intrigue and are woven together for a happy resolution at the end. I don't recommend seeing this movie when you are tired, since a few parts are slow, but I do strongly recommend seeing it. I don't know if the historical presentation of schools for aborigines is fair to the church but I assume that Hollywood has a need to backhand religion in the movies whenever it gets the chance.