I was in a theater full of very quiet children and very few adults (daycare and summer camp groups in attendance). They only laughed during one non-verbal scene; it was humor that any age could understand. Like the other Veggie Tales videos/movies, the puns/spoofs/jokes/etc. are over the heads of most children (and some adults), because the references are to things from way before their time. I've been a huge VT fan for 13 years, and I love them...I get the jokes! I took another 40-something friend to the movie. She'd never seen Veggie Tales before, but she laughed almost as much as I did...and I laughed through most of it. One of my favorite scenes, was a spoof of a scene from "The Fugitive." As it was playing out, I thought it had a familiar feel. When my light bulb went off (as the veggie was falling...) it made the scene extemely funny. I'm sure we looked like loons to all those who didn't understand or appreciate all the embedded humor. Veggie Tales Rock!!!!!