Long a fan of the television show and the first film, I like other dedicated viewers of The X Files have, with great anticipation, looked forward to the sequel and the reunion of quirky couple Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. With a stand alone story that could be understood by first timers, Chris Carter delivers a mystery that has chilling moments and gives us glimmers of why we loved the television series in the first place. Carter delivers a good story (though less action packed than its summer competitors) and Anderson and Duchovny fill their roles nicely. Unfortunately, this film came out about 5 years too late...seems many fans have moved on, which is a shame. The things that could have been improved: faster pace and chucking the character played by rapper Xzibit. His agent was thoroughly unlikely and absolutely unnecessary in the story. Overall a decent film but probably not enough to warrant another big screen adventure for Fox and Scully.