Will Smith returns to the summer movie box office with this offering that entertains but may not appeal to everyone. Hancock is a man with superhuman abilities---super strength, flight, speed, etc. The problem is that he is also alcoholic, anti-social and pretty much an all-around jerk. When he saves a good-hearted soul named Ray (Jason Bateman) from a certain death, he is challenged to change his reputation and become the super hero that Los Angeles desperately needs.

Overall, "Hancock" is worth seeing for a matinee price but if you are jonesing for a hero flick, "Iron Man" is a better bet. Not a bad Will Smith movie but also not his best. Jason Batmen is charming and funning in this movie...probably the best revelation in the film. He definitely deserves more film work, possibly in romantic comedies. I think parents should beware the language and offensive behavior of the lead character before taking their children.