Forget the purists for now. We once sat in the best seats; can't now. But stop! There's a way! Go to the Met at the AMC and watch their productions in great, glorious, intimate, resonant color and sound! Tour backstage (unless you want to slip out for a snack or go oh so easily to the restroom) and best of all, experience the surge of delight and love for wonderful opera!
'Falstaff' was amazing. The production set in 1950's Windsor (though I never saw such kitchens back then: they existed only in American magazines - Royal Opera House you should have known better!) was wonderful. Singing (what a cast!), appearance, acting, speed, comedy, and the most brilliant of Verdi's operas, not at all lacking in arias, in fact packed tight with them in suggestion and themes. As at the 2013 LA Opera, I did question the lack of tree and high walls in Herne's Oak forest; they did however open up and suggest that Falstaff (like ourselves) was utterly deluded. Lovable, great. Go again!