Harold and Kumar 3 takes place over an entire day just before Christmas. After Harold and Kumar’s last adventure it seems the duo had become estranged. Since then Harold has grown-up, given up the stoner life, and become a respectable citizen. Then, out of nowhere the good ol’ Kumar shows up and burns down Harold’s Christmas tree with a massive joint. Harold desperately needs a new tree, but finding one is not as easy a task as it sounds. Their adventure begins.

What ensues during the quest to find this tree is either comic genius or just utter crap. I propose it is solid mix.

Thanks to the veritable array of ethnicities in the film there are some hilarious race jokes that come across nicely, but the highlight of the film must be when Harold and Kumar have a run in with “America’s Sweetheart” Neil Patrick Harris. Yes! The Neil Patrick Harris, again. Back from the dead no less.
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