The Prey is a classic revenge story that totally rocks.

After Franc kicks the asses of three guys at once, escapes from prison, and finds his wife murdered and his daughter kidnapped, He sets out for vengeance. But Franc has no leads.

An ex-cop character is thrown in. How else could Franc track down the killer? Despite the cop triteness as a device, he comes a monumental end, and this justifies him.

The script tries to have two interesting main characters, and fails. Albert Dupontel plays Franc so awesomely that his awesomeness overwhelming. The female lead, not so much.

In the second act when the cops catch up to him, he is cornered. You think, no way out or him, then BAM, he escapes. I give some serious cred to the writers. There are many awesome fights scenes, including a shaved head scraped across a concrete wall.
Franc is a vicious prison escapee yet we cheer whole-heartedly for him.
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