HWMFTY is supposed to be a parody, with the stars (minor and major) playing caricatures of themselves for comedic effect. Unfortunately, the main character is so unrelentingly irritating that she drains the comedy from every scene she's in. There's far too much "Ha, ha, look at the drunk person stumbling around and pissing off all her friends," which just isn't funny at all. The acting is top-notch, for what it's worth: Halley Feiffer plays a completely horrifying version of herself as a narcissistic, drunken, self-pitying, manipulative, obnoxious, soulless zombie whose only connection to humanity is her unquenchable thirst for fame. It'd be a brilliant performance if only it were a character worth playing or worth watching. The cameos by big-name stars get much kinder treatment, and almost (but not quite) save the movie from drowning in its own pity party. Do yourself a favor, give this one a miss!