For such a silly plot (like many operas) this Rossini 'Armida' was marvelously done with superb singing (and acting, amusingly overdone) from the two lovers. Renee Fleming as Armida the witch bewitched with her grace and vocal range and Lawrence Brownlee with his creamy voice - believable victim of her love. The ballet was delightful, the addition of the little Cupid (girl) throughout a stroke of genius. The camera work on the orchestra during the overture was superior. The set was simple but clever and fun. The costumes were unnecessrily clumsy though the colors in Act 1 were stunning. The 'nymphs' alas were mainly on the heavy side, though perhaps calling them 'nymphs' was to show the blindness of bewitchment (nah, not really).
Thank you Met, thank you camera crew, thank you to Summer Encore cinema participants. Hurray!