I love opera, and The Met in HD is a real gift. I was really looking forward to seeing this performance, but it was a disappointment. The point was made several times by Renee Fleming in her cast interviews about what a difficult opera it is to stage, and after having seen this one that is supposed to have "solved many of the difficulties" I can only say I do not think it is one that I would make a special effort to see again.

That being said, my primary dislike is with the venue itself. The audio is turned up so loud that it is uncomfortable. I enjoy wonderfully rousing band and orchestral music, but that is a natural kind of volume. This is turned up so much that it just turns the experience into an exercise in endurance. I saw the encore performance of Carmen the previous week and, while I loved that performance, I would offer the same critique of the venue. Please, turn down the volume!

I highly recommend The Met in HD, but try a different theater or bring earplugs.