The Kirov Ballet is steeped in tradition. They are the guardians of the original choreograph that was created by Marius Petipa and other great choreographers in the 19th Century. Even the backdrops and stage sets are consistent with tradition. I can't imagine a modern setting or freshly designed costumes for any of their traditional standard ballets.

The camera crew was very well prepared and knew just when to switch angles or pan out. The dancers in principal parts were all superb, and that goes for acting as well. The corps de ballet were stunning, reflecting hours upon hours of rehearsing to set the arms, head angles, body postures, and timing so that there was no variation from one dancer to another. This is not as easy as some people might think.

It is a great opportunity to see on a theater screen a live performance by the Kirov Ballet. I hope that the Regal Theaters on 16th Street in Denver continue to support events such as this.