Introductions were clumsy and pathetic, our audience laughed out loud. The interviews were no different. But most concerning was the bland; faded and thin projected images; like watching from the wrong side of the screen.

I kept wondering why, considering the current “state of the art. The women next to me complained about the sound; “it’s all coming from the front”! The high production values of this ballet were simply washed away by the poor quality of the recording.

Also annoyed by the frequent references to “live 3D”; which confused our audience; I overheard several people express confusion on this point, since we were watching a 2D version! I couldn’t help but wonder if the 3D version was as bland and thin as the 2D version and how especially disappointing that would have been.

Finally, there were 2 15 minute intermissions, followed by 5 or 10 minutes of a tedious shot of the audience; leaving us, the actual audience, very restless!