The most gorgeous & exciting dancing I have ever seen, and Tchaikovsky's Music was (of course) glorious!!

The Corps de Ballet was amazing for their togetherness & grace, and the Premier Dancers were remarkable & Exciting. The sheer grace of line was a thing of elegant beauty!

The 3D made it very "real" - but because there was NO additional Lighting used to augment the "Natural ("you are there") Theater Lighting", the 3D video was very dark, making it difficult to see detail.
While it was enhancing to see the dancers in 3D, I would trade the 3D any day, for brighter lighting, bringing greater color depth & detail.

The Music was loud enough, but the muffled bass sounds of Star Trek "Explosions" next door, were very distracting to the silences between notes of Tchaikovsky's music.

Although the "Live" 15 minute Intermissions (2) made it convenient to go to the restroom, they did make for an overly long evening.

In balance, I am very glad we came!
Bravo!! Do this again