Such a shame. Only diehard Oly fans should see this for a taste of memories. It's shot beautifully, with some nice imagery but doubt it's an IOC documentarian, and likely a cobbling of other sources' footage. The storylines are too short and scattered to create any compelling drama for anyone of the athletes, so you don't really care that any one wins or loses. There's a rich deep goldmine of emotion, pageantry, and story behind the athletes and the concept here but this fails to capitalize on it. Some of the accents were hard to understand, too so casual fans were very bored here. To top it all off, the 7:30 showing started at 7:20, so friends who showed up at 7:27 missed almost 10 minutes. Then, there was a skip about 15 minutes in. So, the 2hr movie ended up around 1.5hr. What did we miss? Who knows, but Queen Underwood never showed up, nor did the Chinese diver nor the Indian shooter. The preview teases running before opening credits were more insightful than the movie.