Beautiful imagery, and the individual scenes looked great, but I have a sense this was cobbled together from a variety of network sources rather than an IOC-commissioned documentarian. Unfortunately, the storylines were too short and scattered to create any compelling emotion toward anyone. The BMX'er failed to Missy Franklin is in her 1st Such a gold mine of emotion and set up and potential that is wasted. A shame. It's rated so-so, as only die-hard Olympics fans should see this to remember some of the characters. Others will be bored. Also, many of the English accents (English, Irish, Kenyan English) were hard to understand.

To top it all off, the movie was scheduled to start at 7:30 but started at 7:20, so friends who arrived just before proper showtime missed almost 10 minutes. And, there was a skip about 15 minutes in, so the 2 hour movie ended up ~1.5 hours. What did we miss? Who knows? But we didn't see - at all - Queen Underwood, t