This is the third opera we've watched with the Met's new productions and frankly I don't like them one bit. We saw Traviata (it was marginally OK I guess),And then Die Walkure with lts mechanical mountain. I can't imagine in Wagner's wildest insanity he would have approved such an obsenity. Wagner paid great attention to details including the music, the libretto and the production - a mechanical collection of moving wooden slats....give me a break. I'm amazed somebody hasn't gotten serious hurt on that contraption.

And now Julius Caeser which occured around 46 BC - we have blimps, guns and rifles, modern warships, tailored clothing and worse.....comedy. Caesar proclaiming he is going to conquer the world. In 46 BC, the known world was a bit smaller than when this production was happening. This production borders on the rediculous,and in my opinion a complete waste of money spent to see it.

I was always taught to be true to the composer in music. Don't think this is it!