My friends and I very much enjoyed this film and were very happy with it. Our theater, however, was a different matter, McArthur Center in Norfolk, VA. We arrived early and took our seats at 7:10 P.M., only to find that the film, which was scheduled to begin at 7:30 P.M. was already playing. I notified the manager who truly believed that what we were seeing was the preview material. As the theater filled, other viewers were similarly confused and reported to the manager as well. At 7:30, as the film continued its showing, a few irate viewers went out and spoke to the manager who came in and verified that the film was indeed showing.

I'm happy to report a happy ending to this story of confusion. The theater "rewound" the film to the preview material at that point and apologized to the viewers in person. He recognized me as the first person to notify him of the problem and apologized to me personally. It's funny to use the term "rewind" in conjunction with digital media.