Much of this film was interesting as Manet's portraits, the subject, were far more than plain portraits. I found the one, illustrated here, of the young woman and the little girl fascinating. The film showed us paintings that weren't included in the show, which was fine and necessary. I found it all a bit chatty and lacking in depth however. The relationship between the two females, the positioning of the girl, the woman's gaze not so much at us as at the past that she was finding in her book, were not really discussed and I kept wondering if Sister Wendy couldn't have made it more illuminating (!), Likewise, the portrait of his son spoke volumes about boredom. Luncheon? That would have lasted two hours and the kid was bored to the point of wanting to kill someone... look at that protruding knife! But truthfully I'm very happy the film was made and any exposure to the greatness is a plus for art lovers and historians. More exhibitions and friendly curators please!