Great Film, good history of Surfing, some outstanding underwater shots, surf in Tasmania had every one retracting in OMG! Wild surf, the thrill of danger and the craziness of someone
needing that kind of stimulus.

Loved the Hydro plane so quiet, peaceful, beautiful. Sir Paul McCartney's music was Outstanding, great jazz sax. The underwater footage, of wave action and it's effect on
human bodies, great to see, to know. Silhouette of surfboard and body shadowing so
unreal. Felt this piece should have been at the beginning of the movie. Most of the
people had walked out when the credits were rolled. To bad, Jack Johnson is always
a treat, a beautiful human being. Always for a good cause.

There were a number of places that Jack McCoy was too long of tooth. Overall
a very fun, exciting, inter active film.