The clips/preview were fun, although for the money, some unseen footage/blooper reel would have been nicer. I loved that the panel was the complete cast and producers/writers. It allowed for a lot of perspective and laughs. It seemed like they cut off answers to some questions so there really wasn't an answer. They included a nice variety of questions from theaters, but the QA in the live audience wasted a time as they waited for people to take mics around and didn't screen questions before people wasted time with requests for signatures and photos. If the people with mics picked the questions, not the moderator, they could have had people lined up ready to go to just fire them off one right after another. I did think the main writer handled the Asperger's question very well. Highly gifted individuals often have some similar characteristics to those on the spectrum but no diagnosis. The writer did a great job showign respect to all individuals despite the woman's rather rude question.