Once again the left has decided that all scientists are in CONSENSUS when many have NOT agreed to man made global warming. ANOTHER hITLER LIKE CAMPAIGN OF DISINFORMATION. I am tired of the tolerant and OPEN MINDED left telling us what is right....while denying any possibility they are wrong. These are the same people who have said in the 70's that the CLIMATE WAS GOING TO CREATE A NEW ICE AGE BY 200...and it DIDNT HAPPEN. These are nothing more than fear tactics...created facts as was once stated in the news when these scientific communities emails were hacked....its a fabrication and NOT ALL SCIENTISTS ARE BEHIND it but the film suggests they are,,,if they are not then they are called names and ridiculed....very much like socialistic Russia was...and is again. I wont waste my money on these POLITICALLY CORRECT propaganda movies. You are no longer to dissent from liberal "opinions" disguised as facts any more. We are in dangerous times and Mother Merica is watching you...Big Brother