Aloha kakou!

Okay, both my husband and I are HUGE fans of Journey and Steve Perry. We are also both professional musicians so we know a great voice when we hear one. When we heard Journey had a new front man who was from the Philippines, we were anxious to hear him but never got the chance when they came to Hawai'i for a concert not long ago. So, needless to say, we really wanted to see this film.
Besides being very well produced and includes great clips of original members and the evolution of the band over the years, the film shows the incredible stress and insane schedules these guys maintain...the human side of being a rock star.
Arnell Pineda has a voice that, if you don't know any better, will make you think you're hearing Perry again. His range is incredible and his ability to maintain the high energy is amazing. At the same time he has his own vocal style and is humble. Outstanding movie, great concert clips!! This is musical history that both young and old will enjoy.