The Met's Parsifal on Saturday was beautifully sung and in most cases, movingly acted. Kaufman's stentorian strength and sustained line were remarkable, as were Dalayman's intensity and vocal solidity from top to bottom. I have long admired Mattei's work, and thie sas no exception - perhaps the best I've heard him, and in many ways the heart of the performance. Pape's authority and dignity were austounding. Brai tutti. But when did audiences start applauding Parsifal at act breaks? Something has really been lost with the dying of that tradition. While we all understood that there would be transmission issues on Saturday, due to solar activity, there were logistical issues and tech problems at the AMC on 42nd Street in Manhattan, including a broken escalators (entrance and exit), lights that dimmed AFTER the 2nd act started and a bit too late for te 3rd act as well, and no table set up outside the theatre with cast lists, synopses and so on until moment before the curtain rang up