We have loved Parsifal for over 50 years, seeing 3 productions and hearing numerous from recordings and other live presentations over the radio. This time the Met brought together unforgettable artists to the stage. All voices were great, but the 3 - the tenor a and both basses - Jonas Kaufman,Evgeny Nikitin, and Rene Pape sung well beyond expectations. Likewise for drama and voices, Katarina Dalayman and Peter Mattei excelled also better than ever. The conductor, Daniele Gatti, won special praise for a tender and yet where needed and explosive and passionate performance. De rigeur for all by and from the heart. He's made it into my Conductors' Hall of Fame. Now on the other hand we had a, let me call it a stark and dark production and sets. How do you reconcile flower girls without any flowers; ankles in 'blood' do not convey seduction by even the blind. Where is the charm of Good Friday Spell without any green, and in a cemetery. God save us from such modernists and minimalist