The Rifftrax trio had their jobs cut out for them on this one. How to you take a movie that is so gob-smackingly bad, that is so full of static, disjointed, and totally cheap scenes that it is already hilarious on its own? Fortunately the guys pulled it off, so well that I was laughing to the point of tears several times. The movie short "Airline Stewardesses" preceded it, which presented another chance for them to mock the dry-as-sheetrock info film from the 1950s. The only drawback was the intermission, which included some unwashed looking dude I'd never heard of but who apparently had a following in the live theater, considering there were quite a few ladies singing along with his obscure music. Maybe it's a Nashville thing. Still, nothing could detract from the joyous pain of watching Bela, Tor, and Vampira while having the Rifftrax crew tear it apart.