Mike, Kevin and Bill are the best movie riffers ever! The riffing on the short about stewardesses and on Plan 9 was great! The opening act with the guy playing guitar was horrible and not at all funny or interesting. I realize they'd like to have some sort of audience participation, but this is NOT the way to go.

The faux commercials were terrible too and worse than mediocre YouTube stuff. It's 3rd grade humor and seemingly endless duration is also not consistant with Rifftrax in any way.

Do yourself a favor. Skip the first 30 minutes and show up just before Plan 9.
The guitar guy and the commercial guy absolutely suck and I could tell by the rest of the audience that I wasn't the only one that felt that way.

I've been to 3 Rifftrax Live events now and have enjoyed all the movie riffing enough to keep attending, but the opening acts have always been bad. I expect more (or less) from these time fillers. C'mon guys, you can do much better.