I wasn't able to see it because of work & also my MSN Calendar miss-Function in notification thru my cell of the movie times. I was hoping to see it, but I'm sure I would have seen the same LEFT WING, LIBERAL DIATRIBES, that I usually get from the program on my local NPR (NOT always POLITICAL views from the RIGHT and PRI (Political views from RIGHT not INCLUDED) over the air. So, even tho as an EX-NPR RADIO AFFILIATE Announcer on two stations in the Mid-west, when there was SOME views from the RIGHT, that I haven't been involved with what's going on now with ANY STATION in the public, LEFT wing radio.

I must admit that TAL has done a few programs with out any agenda presented... Amazing when that happens! No, I can't name them, but I did record a few of them for my audio library. So, someday we might hear an appology coming from the stations around the country and the world about how
they wrong everybody and their "party". I hope it ......and I doubt it! I hope you saw it?