At first I thought, wow, five hours plus, but I pre-ordered my ticket, packed a little snack and off I went. This is a great theatre to view these HD broadcasts, Woodland Hills AMC, CA. I was so taken with the performances and the production that the time literally flew by.
I didn't realize how much ballet there was in the opera, but it added to the dramatics of the story quite well.
The difference between the first part, Troy, with it's visual feeling of impending doom, was so well done. The second part, in Carthage, was a lovely glimmering white, touches of gold, and joy among the inhabitants. Of course, as in most operas, it does not end well with invevitable death and despair.
The singers were outstanding. Doborah Voight, as Cassandra, conveyed her prophecies very powerfully. She was the highlight of the first part.
Susan Graham was a lovely Dido, but the great joy was Bryan Hymel as Aeneas. What an incredible voice. Bravo to all,and may we see more of Mr. Hynel in the future.