A stirring production with lots of supers carrying spears and giant columns. I found the production lacked COLOR, however; the designer seems to have forgotten that Egypt was a painted land. Instead Quaranta concentrated on the brown arid aspect and the temples as they look now, washed of their vibrancy. More BLUE, please, more bright RED and ORANGE and GREEN, not so much drab sand color! The costumes did have some hint of color.
The singing was somewhat uneven, with Monastyrska as Aida soaring especially in her ,lovely pianissimo upper register. Olga Borodina as Amneris stole the show - great singing and a perfect *****-part for her. George Gagnidze was superb as Amonasro, what a voice and what a presence! Alagna was Radames. There isn't a whole raft of big Italian tenors around right now, so I guess he will have to do; but he seemed puny and screechy at times. The orch. played at its customarily near-perfect level; Luisi did his usual workaday job: competent, but predictable. Go!