This is a beautiful opera with great vocals and the most elaborate and complex staging and casting I have seen. I am no opera critic by any means, but to the average fan this was so well done. The performers' talent and superb vocals clearly made this a great production. Additionally for me, a large part of the success was attributed to how well the Met puts on the Live HD show with all the back stage scenes, the wonderful cinematography and sound production, and the fantastic hosting by Renee Fleming. This would be a moot point if I was there in personally, but to a person seeing this live from thousands of miles away, it gives you that "being there" feeling and more. A particularly fine touch was the director's attention to details where you could see the musicians eye contact shift between their music and the Maestro. To me it is all the cinematic detail that makes me want to go see the opera when I can't go to the opera. The subtitles were also a great adder for my group.