although I love Verdi, oddly enough Aida isn't my favorite by any means
(that would be a tie between Il Trovatore, La Traviata, and Otello, followed by Rigoletto,who knows why, they just work for me).
I had only seen a local production which had nowhere near the resources of the Met and of course didn't have singers close to the caliber of the Met singers. the sets and performance are intense, and I think if I had been at an Imax, overwhelming.
Alagna impressed me, I had only heard him in less dramatic roles (Nemorino, e.g.)
I was very impressed with the soprano who played Aida, Liudmyla Monastyrsk. beautiful tone to her voice, powerful and a good actress. that she stood out in this cast says something about her talent.
all in all I thought it was wonderful