This was the most disappointing Met HD telecast. WHAT was Gelb thinking?
The singing was excellent, but the production didn't work and was so silly in so many ways.
I felt sorry for the singers having to endure the Alden "concept"!
The Icarus motiv didn't work and Oscar prancing around with wings in the prologue (which was superfluous and unnecessary!) was ridiculous!
The "secretaries" "choreography" in the scene with the Judge was silly and distracting!
The production was very non-specific, even though they did the Swedish version. Gustavo came off as a fool in many scenes. Certainly not regal at all.
The chorus pulling out opera glasses to watch the Amelia, Ankarstrom confrontation was also silly!
The "portrait" of Gustavo on the wall during "Eri tu" looked like a bad black and white, "head shot"!
Not exactly "Euro-trash" but pretty close. I had to turn away from the scrren many times and say, mentally, OH PLEASE!