Thank you for the opportunity to review this movie. I attend the Mariinsky whenever I can, usually at the Kennedy Center when they are on tour. Tickets are expensive but worth it. They are the best ballet company in the world. In this film however, Wronski got it wrong-ski. The camera work ruined the ballet. Who can appreciate the dancers when they are cut off above the knees? Who wants a close-up of the face of a ballerina when it causes you to miss the staging and full views of the corps de ballet? It was a jumbled mess. Each and every scene and moment was ruined. It was impossible to see the dancer's full movements and it was impossible to appreciate the always glorious Mariinsky staging. I will never attend another Fathom Events production of a ballet. PS why not set the camera up as if the audience were sitting still in a beautiful theater? Again, I will never attend another Fathom Events production. They got it wrong.