The show was good, but not great. We enjoyed it. The Asian Dance was great. Ironically, the Russian dance was a little weak. Music was good but the conductor had a bit of a mad Russian scientist look about him that was a bit distracting.

Due to the nearly 40 minutes of advertising from ~7:30-8:10 for a movie scheduled to start at 7:30, I am unlikely to go to another Fathom Event. I certainly didn't care to see a marketing video by the President of the company telling me all about how great the NCM Media engineers are. If they are so great, I shouldn't even know they are there. A 5 minute infomercial during 35-40 minutes of NCM Media Ads, Broadway coming soon ads, etc. was excessive.

My So-So rating is more for the wasted 35-40 minutes watching ads and a Nutcracker Quiz four separate times. If not for that, I'd rate it a "Go."