Last night's TNG event was a nightmare at the AMC Burbank 16. Scheduled to start at 7 with a runtime of 3 hours and 18 minutes. The evening consisted of two episodes (one extended), a blooper reel and a video featuring a cast reunion. Instead of starting at 7, the theater experienced delays because no one could figure out how to get the sound to work. It finally started around 8:10. Then an interminable slideshow began featuring still photos from several season 2 episodes and doing comparisons between the original NTSC version and the new HD edition. Then Fathom commercials started playing...and playing. Then "Q Who" plays and it's great. It's even in surround sound! Then the blooper reel. Midway through the next episode, everything shut down. After a few minutes of tinkering with the system, the episode comes back on but we have to re-watch five minutes we'd already seen. We got some free passes, but overall it was a disaster.