To announce/promote the release of season II on Blu Ray, two episodes from that season were shown in their remastered and enhanced HD versions: "Q-Who" and "Measure of a Man." Additionally, interviews, round table discussions with the stars and making of highlights were presented before and between the two episodes. Aside from the projection of these TV episodes in a theater which led to an overly dark appearance on the screen, the episodes were pristine and held up well. "Measure of a Man" was a director’s cut with an additional 13 minutes of material and unlike many directors’ cuts which can seem gratuitous, this one was superb. Honestly, I'd have to review the original 42 minute episode side by side to know where the additions were, it was that seamless. Many fans showed up in uniforms, including an entire family sitting behind me, which was added fun and created a convention atmosphere. In summary, a great night out and a good time had by all. Looking forward to more of these!