I’ve seen the film To Kill A Mockingbird dozens of times. It is one of my all-time favorites. With the Turner Classic Movies event, I was excited about seeing the digital restoration on the wide screen but was not expecting any surprises. What I saw dazzled me! The restoration version in a theater afforded the audience the opportunity to see the actors’ subtle interchange through facial expressions and movement. Much gets lost when watching on a TV screen. The set design was showcased in the larger-then-life scale, details I’ve never seen in my multiple viewings made the film seem brand new… from the donut in Jem’s hand when in his tree house bemoaning the fact that Atticus would not play football for the Methodists, to the leopard pattern of Miss Maudie’s dress on Scout’s first day at school, to the picture of Atticus’s wife on the mantel in his bedroom in the closing scenes. You just have to smile. This film is immortal; it will be entertaining generations to come.