Loved the movie. Loved seeing it on the big screen. That being said

I + guest bought (2)$15.00 tickets to the 7 PM showing of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD on November 15, 2012 at the AMC16 Theatres in Burbank, CA. We arrived at our seats at 6:45 PM.

7 PM no start. By 7:15 myself and other members of the audience were asking questions. No theatre personnel gave information to the audience. At around 7:20 pm, the movie started. No preliminary introductory video or behind the scenes presentation.... just the film. In your advertisements for this "event" a large % of the ad copy was devoted to the special features presentation. I'm sure that is what contributed to the $15.00 ticket price.

I am sure you will receive similar complaints over the next couple days. Hopefully, Fathom/TCM intends to rectify the situation with its paying customers who brought this to your attention, and more importantly if it plans to rectify the situation with its participating theatres.