An excellent movie but the first time I have seen it on the big screen. Excellent performances by Gregory Peck, Mary Badham & Phillip Alford.
Excellent because it deals with common prejudices: Aunt Stephanie's rant about Boo Radley comes to mind. Childhood imaginations about evil people living down the street as Jem (Alford) lets us know: "She'll kill ya, quick as look at ya." Don't we all remember!
The movie's main theme about blacks being second-class citizens complete with degrading grammar, spotlights the darkness of the human soul. Ignoring the truth also spotlights an invincible ignorance that's spellbinding.
Along with the human darkness comes the enlightened and humble Atticus Finch (Peck). He accurately and convincingly lays out the truth but false camaraderie wins out-temporarily.
The San Gabriel Mountains in the background can also be seen on the big screen.