When we lived in New York City we'd go to the Met at least four times a year. We loved the performances, the singers, the staging, et al. In Florida there is little Opera and is mostly touring groups sans stars or even high caliber artists, uaing local under rehearsed chorus on ridiculous painted scnery. Last year we discovered he MetHD series and have been fans ever since. The viedeos are excellent, well directed with great camera work, close-ups, wide shots, etc. As a retired set designer I am ecstatic about the staging and greatly enjoy the backstage views during set changes as well as the interiews during intermissions. It is deightful to meet and hear the artists speak of their involvement with the production. As a semi-professional theatre director (three operas included) I love hearing from the opera's directors or composers, etc. Everyone that we've seen has been outstanding and enjoyable.. Wwe have tickets for the remainder of this season and look forwardto many more