This movie definitely blew my mind. All of the elements to a wonderful romantic film were present in this film! There was romance (of course), drama, comedy, and the chemistry between Erich and Mario was totally there in the movie. Also, this film isn't as predictable as people would think, despite the promotional video seemingly leading to a cliche plot of "following one's heart." There is more to meets the eye with this film. It's actually very surprising, yet very satisfying - there is no questioning in the end of the film like, "Why did this happen? How come this? Why not that? This should have happened..." NOPE, none of that. It's really complete. The cross-cultural aspect was dealt with impeccably, and the cast is absolutely magnificent. The setting in the movie, Bangkok, Thailand and Ilocos, Philippines were shot really well with HD quality, and the music is so soothing to the ears. This movie is MOST definitely a must-watch AND a must-watch-again. SOBRANG KILIG.