What a rare treat to be able to see performances from the legendary Globe Theater so close to home. The performance of Doctor Faustus was energetic, creepy (as it should be), involving, and fun. The only negative is some difficultly following the plot, which was written for another time, so you don't always get the jokes or the drama. The acting was splendid, It was fun to see Arthur Darvill as Mephistopheles, having taken a break from his Dr. Who role. Indeed, the plot is so weird and filled with monsters that you half expect the Tardis to show up any moment and have the Doctor, Amy, and Rory (Darvill) pop out. This is worth seeing if only to broaden your experience with live theater (even though the performance is recorded) and to get a sense of the great characters in Anglo-lore. At $12.50, the price is also right for a night at the theatre in a movie theater. Bravo.