Based on the review of Mark Olsen, he went into the theatre with a preconceived opinion. I'm sure the fact that the movie allowed scientist to express their opinions that media contributes to the "no intelligent conversation allowed". This movie is important. It's not about atheism, christianity, judaism, etc. etc. etc.liberal, conservative, etc. etc. unless you are only about those things. This is about our very freedom of speech and inquiry being shut down. Well, I know that science only exists if you're allowed to truly question. Even if it conflicts with the majority belief. Any journalist that uses their distain for G.W. Bush as part of their review is completely transparent. Good thing he's only reviewing movies! Don't miss this movie unless you're afraid to think. If you're afraid to think, shame on you. That's the problem. We're all walking through this wonderful life half asleep and when our freedoms are gone, we'll wake up angry but too late.